Triple Expresso 40 minuets $80
This treatment is developed for someone on the run. It involves full skin analysis, double cleanse, deep exfoliation and a mask applied which is suited to your skin. Home care recommendations are only given if requested at the beginning of the facial
Anti-stress Facial 1 hour $105
This facial is specially developed for someone that has no skin concerns or wants to simply enjoy a relaxing facial experience. Products are still customized to your skin, and every touch is calming and relaxing. Enjoy a longer massage, beautiful essential oils and all at the same time leaving your skin soft, smooth and revitalized. There is no discomfort in this facial so no extractions will be preformed. No home care will be recommended if not requested at the beginning of the treatment.
Microdermabrasion Facial 1 hour $132
course of six for $600, or 12 for $1,200. Both courses will include a multivitamin peel after third or sixth treatment. This is an intensive exfoliation and resurfacing treatment that promotes cell turnover, fantastic for acne, hyper-pigmentation and sun damaged skins.



Specialized Dermalogia Facials, All facials 75 minutes
All specialized facials are for clients that need results! If you're not sure on what facial will suit you, an appointment can be made for the specialised Dermalogica facial. Our therapist can analyse your skin on the day, then prescribe the best treatment for your skin. All facials will include the use of highly specialised equipment for the ultimate result. These facials provide sufficient time to consult on home care.


Age smart facial 75 mins $140 course of 6 $700 course of 12 $1,400
A fantastic pick me up for the skin. Great for tried dull loss of skin tone that is starting to develop fine lines or even deep lines. This ultra stimulating lightly resurfacing treatment provides the ultimate results. Includes a full skin analysis followed by double cleanse deep exfoliation stimulating massage and a beautiful vitamin packed mask. This treatment will also include the use of machines for the ultimate penetration of products into the skin.
Madibac clearing facial 75mins $140
Specially developed for acne skins this treatment is deep cleansing purifying and also designed to bring the inflammation down and to remove congestion.
Chorma white facial (Whitening treatment) 75 mins $140. Course of six for $700, or course of 12 for $1,400
The use of ultra concentrated serums and specially designed whitening ingredients. This treatment is fantastic in conjunction with microdermabrasion.
Ultra calming facial 75 mins $105
Calming, soothing and reducing inflammation is this facials forte. It is also fantastic for re building the natural barrier of the skin after trauma. Recommended for sensitized, reactive skins.


Side Dishes

Multivitamin peel
Can be added into any facial treatment for $30
Double action AHA/BHA exfoliation for exceptional results with all skin types. Perfect for sun damaged, hyper-pigmented or acne prone skins.

Revitalizing eye treatment
Can be added into any facial for $30
This unique add on treatment includes our exclusive drainage massage techniques before applying a merricla working mask that helps with fine lines puffiness dark circles and the overall look of the eye area.